Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

General terms

1. All Lucky Hippo Casino players must fully agree, understand and comply with the Casino Terms and Conditions listed.

2. Lucky Hippo Casino is only open to residents in the jurisdictions where they are legally allowed to participate and it is not prohibited. Playing and participating in games is void where prohibited by laws.

3. Players must be of legal age to participate in the Lucky Hippo Casino. The legal participation age is determined by the jurisdiction of where the player resides. Players can only play gambling games and events if it is legal. All laws must be followed according to the jurisdiction of where a player is connecting from. Lucky Hippo Casino can not offer any assurances or legal advice. Players must be of age and at least 18 years or older to use the Casino and its services.

4. Multiple player accounts are prohibited and any additional player accounts will be shut down. If more than one real player account is discovered, players are no longer eligible for any winnings and any deposits will not be eligible to receive any winnings, and all withdrawals will be revoked.

5. Lucky Hippo Casino has the right to deny account registration and Casino play for any player depending on their connection location.

6. Absolutely no representations or warranties, explicit or implicit are made by the Company/Casino to the players legal rights to participating in any game. In addition, none of the Company’s employees, media partners, partners, distributors, licensees, wholesalers, affiliates or any other partment have the ability to make representations or warranties.

7. All Lucky Hippo Casino employees, retailers, licensees, distributors, wholesalers, advertising, promotion, media partners, agencies, etc do not have eligibility to play in the Casino. In addition, family members of these positions are not allowed to participate in the Casino.

8. There is no purchase necessary to play games at Lucky Hippo Casino. The Casino is for entertainment purposes only. Players can play for free and are not required to bet money to play. If a player wishes to bet real money, this is at their risk and own decision. When a player chooses to participate in a game, they agree the game is not offensive, that the game is fair and completely decent.

9. When a player enters the Casino, they must understand it is for their own entertainment. Professional use of the Casino is not prohibited. Any other type of access or reusing of the Lucky Hippo Casino is restricted.

10. Lucky Hippo Casino has the right to close an account at any point in time and for any reason. The Casino can do so without notice. If a player has a balance at the time of canceling of a account, this balance may be credited. The Casino has the right to void and remove winnings from a player's account, depending on the situation at the time of account cancellation. These circumstances may include:

10.1 If the Casino discovers multiple active accounts under one player in the Casino;

10.2 If names do not have an exact match of registered names on the stored credit cards, which deposited money into the Lucky Hippo player's account;

10.3 If a player decided to cash-in winnings prior to completing requirements of the promotion;

10.4 If a player uses a false identity, incorrect details or identification about themselves;

10.5 If a player is under the legal age to play;

10.6 If a player lives in a prohibited by law jurisdiction for playing the Casino games;

10.7 If a player allows another person to play on their account;

10.8 If a player uses the Casino for professional use, which is strictly prohibited. The Casino is for individual entertainment and can not be played with other groups or clubs. The Casino is for personal use only;

10.9 If a Casino player is found deceiving or cheating the Casino by using tools like machines or automated systems to cheat the Casino;

10.10 If you play corruptly by abusing bonuses or employ low-risk tactics to only receive withdrawals of promotion cash.

10.11 If Lucky Hippo discovers a player played at other online Casinos for reasons 10.1 to 10.10.

11. If the Company and Casino discovers fraudulent activity by any player, the Casino has the right to hold any payments with the exception of an original deposit. The Casino can move forward with legal proceedings to gather payments owed. Players agree to cover any payments due to the Casino. Players are prohibited to completed chargebacks or cancel and deposits. In this case all winnings are voided and players must pay the Company for any unpaid amounts, also including other expenses that occur while the Company is in process of collecting debts.

12. Players accepting any winnings and prizes consent to their names and likeness possibly being used for promotional purposes by the Casino and advertising. The Company does not need to compensate further for this except where this is against the law.

13. Any complaints about game outcome must be submitted to the Company in fourteen days. If there is an error between the Casinos software and server software, the Casino’s server software will determine the outcome and result of the game in question.

14. Players are 100% solely responsible for paying any and all applicable taxes on winnings and prizes collected from Lucky Hippo Casino.

15. The Casino reserves all rights to add or remove new games to the Casino at anytime and without notifying players.

16. If a player is not active in the Casino for over 180, the Casino has the right to collect any balances at that time. Inactive accounts that are more than six months old will be closed by the Casino.

17. Player account numbers and passwords must be kept secure by the player. A participant in the Casino may not allow anyone else to use their account or gather information from the Casino. The sole player associated with the account is the only user allowed to collect prizes and winnings. Players are completely responsible for all losses.

18. The Casino is not required to keep any passwords or usernames if a player loses the information. If it's beyond the Company's error, the player must take responsibility for lost usernames or passwords.

19. If a player uses the game in a not intended way, the Casino and Company are not liable for any technological malfunctions on the user's end.

20. Any and all cheating by a player gives the Company the right to publicize actions with the players full identity and email address. If a player makes incorrect or fraudulent remarks about the Casino, the same holds true. The Casino can share this other information with banks, Casinos and other corporations.

21. Players hold the Company/Casino and all its employees and entire team, agencies, partners, officers, directors, licensees, wholesalers, affiliates, and other agencies fully indemnify same from all costs, damages, liabilities that emerge from: (i) reuse or any use of the Casino and website, (ii) materials use during visitation on website, (iii) the players entry and use or reuse of the Company and Casino's server, (iv) playing and participation of games, (v) acquiring any and all prizes and winnings.

22. No other Company or persons shall use the terms, images, text, or rights of Lucky Hippo Casino.

23. Any and all game materials collected electronically or by any other way are voided if counterfeit, forged or tampered with in any way. Game materials with any errors electronic, printed, produced, typographical, mechanical are limited to replacement of same liability.

24. For prize claims, any documentation is the property of the Casino and is not returnable. Claim material which is insufficient, lost is not the responsibility of the Company.

25. Players get email notifications after making deposits and purchases. All players should keep extra copies of this data in addition to other Casino regulations and game rules.

26. Every wager and bet is required to be placed on the Lucky Hippo interface. Using robots or any other fraudulent type of wagers is strictly prohibited. Only approved wagers are allowed. The Company has the right to void any wagers placed with software which is not approved. Wagers placed in a deceitful manner will be canceled and the Company may take other action.

27. There are no withdrawal processing fees with one exception. If a player decides not to make a wager a minimum of one time before withdrawing. The Casino has the right to clear processing charges.

28. If a player believes they have not been given satisfactory service, they can email to discuss a possible refund.support@luckyhippocasino.eu

29. These Terms & Conditions can be amended at any time, without notice. The only reasoning for changes is security for players.

30. Players agree to these terms before playing in the Casino. These terms are an agreement between players and Lucky Hippo Casino.

Bonus terms

1. When bonuses are effective, players can only bet up to ten dollars or the same amount according to their currency. This is per wager or spin. This term is for every Lucky Hippo Casino game. All Casino players need to make a deposit before withdrawing any money. Players are giving a one time rollover on a deposit. For fair gaming the terms & conditions below are for any bonus offered at Lucky Hippo Casino.

2. Maximum cash out applies in all cases when playing with bonus money, in any of its kinds, unless otherwise stated for a single specific promotion or campaign. For any deposit bonus coupon for less than 250%, the maximum allowed withdrawal is the sum of 20 times the deposit amount (Maximum cash out allowed will be $10,000.00 in all cases, based on a deposit amount of $1,000.00, unless stated differently for the specific promotion). All balances exceeding the maximum cash out allowed, will be void and automatically deducted from the account, once the wagering requirements are met. At that point, the player may request the Withdrawal for the maximum cash amount and in case of continue playing, forfeits all further winnings derived from bonus money that is above the maximum cash out limit..

3. Unless otherwise specified by the Casino; all promotional funds (bonus amount) stay in the house upon completing the wagering. Bonus money serves to enhance play and help to generate winnings; however, cannot be withdrawn as part of the winnings. The bonus will not be returned to the account but deducted from winnings by the Casino upon withdrawal. At the point of cashing out the winnings, all bonus money will be removed from the total amount of cash won by playing at the Casino.

4. Players must be registered and have an active account to be eligible for promotions. Only one bonus per account and household. Multiple accounts are prohibited and any winnings on multiple accounts will be voided.

5. All promotions are for one single person, single email address, credit card account and household.

6. All bonuses must be claimed before a player starts the game with their first deposits. Welcome bonuses must be used before any of the deposited money is wagered.

7. Players eligible for bonuses will be displayed in the user's account as a Casino credit.

8. All of the bonuses need to be wagered a minimum of fifteen times before making a withdrawal, unless the promotion states otherwise. Withdrawals will be rejected if players do not meet at least fifteen wagers.

9. After a player uses a bonus, the player can only withdraw an amount larger than the bonus.

10. Bonuses and promotions are finished when a player hits the wager demands and when the cash out balance is zero. If a promotion is not finished, the bonus will stay until the amount is zero.

11. If a player has a withdrawal pending or more, they are not able to receive any promotions or bonuses. They must wait until the pending withdrawal is completed or canceled. If the player does not follow this rule, they may have voided winnings.

12. Promotional offers can not be combined. Any promotional offer or bonus sent via email is only for the specific recipient and no one else. These offers are non-transferable.

13. If bonuses are abused, the Casino has the right to audit and void any player accounts.

14. All of the terms & conditions can be amended at any given time by the Company. Any changes will be posted here. It is a player's duty to stay up to date on the terms & conditions of bonuses and any other terms and conditions as they may change without players being notified. We invite you to reach out to the support team with any questions about bonus terms and conditions.

15. The Casino/Company has the right to terminate any promotion without notification.

16. The Casino is given the ability to rule out specific countries for promotional offers. Any promotion whether it be through phone, email or post are only for the player they are addressed to.

17. These terms & conditions are an exclusive agreement between the Company, Casino and players.

Complimentary Bonus Regulations

1. Lucky Hippo Casino will occasionally offer promotions where a deposit is not needed. There are specific rules for these bonuses and they are listed below.

2. Upon requesting for the withdrawal of the winnings, the player shall place at least one deposit to verify the account in the system. The minimum amount of the withdrawal starts with $150; following up on that, the player will be required to place a deposit, equal to the difference between min withdrawal amount and max cashout won from the No Deposit Bonus (unless otherwise stated). The amount of the placed deposit shall be additionally subject to bets in the face amount of the deposit done prior to requesting for the cashout.

3. The Casino may send select offers to different players. If a player is aware of a promotion they did not receive, the Casino is not required to offer this promotion. Some bonuses are exclusive to a set of players.

4. All winnings from bonus money must equal at least $50 before they can be withdrawn.

5. The highest amount of money a player can acquire from a free money bonus is $100. Funds are removed from a player's account if they try to go higher than this limit.

6. Free bonus promotions of anywhere from $25 up to $50 will process when a bill is received that matches the Casino user account.

7. All bonuses must be wagered and completed before making any withdrawals from the casino. Best made while playing Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Sicbo, Threecard, Caribean Stud and Progressive Slots do not add to the count of this rule.

8. If a bonus is posted on another website or social media platform, it may not always be active at Lucky Hippo Casino. Some of the bonus offers are exclusive to specific players. The Casino does not need to honor these promotions.

9. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Morocco and Russia are countries where bonuses are not usable.

10. Any winnings on multiple accounts are void and will be removed. Each player is only allowed one account.

11. All wagering regulations must be met and once they have we welcome players to enjoy the games in our Casino.

12. These bonus terms & conditions work in tandem with all other Lucky Hippo Casino terms and conditions.

13. Consecutive free bonuses and spins can not be used one after the other. If two free bonuses are used back to back without any deposits, the Casino will have the right to revoke those winnings.

14. The rule for max cash outs on free spin bonuses is the amount of $100. With the exception of any other rule stated in the specific promotion.

Privacy Policy

Every player at Lucky Hippo Casino is valued and we have a strong appreciation of their safety and security. All players are safeguarded due to our privacy policy. Take a few moments to review the privacy policy and what is contained within.

Acknowledgement of Privacy Policy

All players using the Lucky Hippo Casino and website agree to the terms of our privacy policy. The Casino automatically has the right to players information according to this document. If you do not agree to these terms, it is advised to exist and stop using the website and Casino. This privacy policy may be changed or modified at any time. Continually check this space for any updates which may occur to this policy.

Player Responsibilities

The number one person who should be protecting their privacy is the player themselves. Any individual playing in the Casino is responsible for the protection of their personal information. Information like passwords, account information or any other types of personal information should be protected and not shared with any other parties.

Collecting of Personal Data

Our support and finance team collects personal information for players in order for the player to use our services. We request specific information in order to verify a player's account. We also may send surveys or other types of polls to get players opinions. We may receive certain information from third parties who you have chosen to give your information to. This type of information received from third parties may include email and mail addresses, names, phone numbers, credit card numbers and other style of living information which may have been received through other surveys an individual has taken at one point.

Information is Disclosed to Other Parties

Any data we received from players is held with the highest confidentiality and is never sold. There are some cases where data may be used for specific reasons and to certain parties. These parties include: third party providers who have been given your information to give us services, auditors as part of any processing for business, possible investors of the Casino. If a data processing is executed by law it will be governed by a processing agreement as required by laws. All of your right will be completely protected. Players information is protected with high standards and is not disclosed to any government parties unless required by the law.

How Player Data is Processed

When a customer decides to share personal information with Lucky Hippo Casino, it will be used for these reasons: in order to allow us to give you gambling opportunities, to give you information about our casino and updates about our services, give you customer service, it allows us to send you promotions and marketing materials, helps us improve our casino.

Personal Information Retention

The Casino does not store personal information for a duration longer than needed for the reason it was obtained.


Cookies are files which encompass digital information. These cookies are held in a computer’s hard drive to be used regularly. The files are saved to hold custom user information for a website and we only used them for site operational purposes. Lucky Hippo will obtain IP addresses for admin uses, customer services and safety and security reasons. The servers at our casino may obtain a player's IP address from time to time and provide a cookie which may be permanent for casino use. A cookie assists the Casino in remembering login credentials, shows the Casino a player's actions and may track other links used to leave the website. Cookies give players a customized experienced based off their page views and actions on the site. No player is required to accept cookies and a website browser can be customized so that cookies are not accepted. Review the help section or browser settings on your browser to customize cookies. The Casino has the right to decline a player from playing in the casino if they decide to disable cookies and this is only done for security reasons.

Advertising Process

IP addresses of players are logged by the Casino so we can provide a better experience to players via promotions, marketing, etc. Email addresses are not logged so players are not sent spam emails.

Opt-out and Email Preferences

After creating a player account at Lucky Hippo casino, we will send players newsletters via email, promotions, offers and information about brand new games. Players have the ability to unsubscribe at any time and we provide a link to do so. Feel free to contact support for any assistance regarding email opt outs.

Safeguarding Information

We protect personal information to the highest degree. No system is completely secure on the internet. We have no responsibility or liability for disclosure of personal information if there is a transmission error, cause beyond our control or non approved third party accessing information on our site.

Corrections, Updates and Removal of Information

Any time a player is worried about personal information safety given by the Casino, they should contact support. At any time a player can request their personal information be deleted from your player account. If copies of information are requested, the Casino has the right to charge for these. If a player decides to request removal of their information, some features on the website may no longer be accessible after this action has been taken. Refunds are not offered if a player requests information removal for any services a player uses. Some pieces of personal information may still be kept by the casino to handle disputes and for the Casino to follow all laws and regulations.

Confidentiality Limits

Due to legality reasoning in specific situations Lucky Hippo Casino may disclose personal information and it may be due to these reasons: To defend and fully protect our property and materials. To be in line with any laws or legal documents served. For any type of fraud protection and property infringement. Changes can and may be may to this entire Privacy Policy. Be sure to check the policy often to stay up to date on any changes. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Responsible Gaming

Lucky Hippo Casino wants all players to enjoy playing our games. We are active promoters of responsible gaming and ask all of our players to be accountable. Playing online casino games is exciting and entertaining, but it essential to remain in full control of spending. Our casino is for pure entertainment and not meant as a source of income. Create a plan for the duration of time you desire to play in addition to the amount you wish to spend. We genuinely hope you have an enjoyable time at our casino. Have fun, play responsibly and good luck!

Underage Gambling

Anyone under the age of 18 is forbidden by law to play at Lucky Hippo Casino. Our goal is to provide adults with entertaining casino games. If a young person in your household has the ability access to the casino, we urge you to make sure they are unable to log into the casino. Please keep passwords safe and log out of the casino after playing. Always keep confidential information safe around young children. Lucky Hippo Casino invites all legally aged players to enjoy the endless fun of our online games. If you suspect a young person is using our website unlawfully, please contact us.


Creating a budget before playing at any online casino is something we strongly urge players to do. Carefully manage your bankroll, and it is a smart idea to always tracks wins and losses during a gambling session. If a player has a gambling problem which we recognize, our casino can prevent the player from playing in the casino.

Staying in Control

Online gambling is a fun and entertaining activity. But, for some, they can lose control of their finances. Gaming is not meant to be the only source of income. Keep track of all losses and keep a close eye on your bankroll. Another great way to stay in control of your gaming is to set time limits of how long you allow yourself to play. For example, if you want to game a couple of hours in the evening after work, set the alarm for a start and stop time. Never feel embarrassed to talk to a professional if you believe you are developing a gambling problem.

Casino Omission by Player

A player can request we close their account and we can do this for six months or longer. The player will not be able to access their account. All emails, promotions, and bonuses will stop being delivered to the player. If you need a break, please contact our team.

Signs of a Gambling Problem

It is important always to take regular stock of your gambling behaviors. Some signs of a gambling addiction may include, being drawn to lie about gambling, having difficulty controlling gambling, spending money when it is outside of your budget and when friends or family start to show their concerns. If any of these signs become more intense with time, it is recommended you seek professional help.

Need Assistance with a Gambling Problem?

Below are several contacts for help if you feel you may have or be developing a gambling problem.

U.S National Council on Problem Gambling www.ncpgambling.org

GamCare http://www.gamcare.org.uk/

California Council on Problem Gambling http://www.calpg.org/

Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling http://www.gamblinghelp.org/

Gamblers Anonymous http://www.gamblersanonymous.org/ga/

Email Filters

Be sure to add all of our email addresses below to your email safe list. Don’t miss out on the fantastic offers we send to players. Add these emails to to your email whitelist to make sure you get all of our promotions, bonuses and support emails from Lucky Hippo Casino.


Saftey and Fair Gaming

Lucky Hippo Casino takes players privacy and security very seriously. We take thorough measures to protect players financial and personal information. We employ the highest level of SSL data encryption so that all transactions are safe and that your personal information is handled with care. Our billing process is completely secure at Lucky Hippo Casino due to the technology we use. None of your information is released to any other parties.

Financial Tracking

Lucky Hippo Casino gives players the ability to view their entire transaction history. The information players can review is their winnings, losses, dates, times and other details. This section includes any deposits a player makes and all of their withdrawal information. Players can see all of their financial information in their player account. If there are any questions, always feel free to reach out to the support team and we would be happy to review any financial information you at any time. Support can be reached at support@luckyhippocasino.eu

Prevention of Fraud and Scam Detection

Our policy regarding fraud detection is always in progress for the casino. Any scams or deceitful actions are strictly prohibited. According to our full terms and conditions any fraudulent activity can result in cancellation of player accounts and loss of any winnings from these fraudulent actions. We have a very thorough process for vetting all new player accounts and deposits. We use the highest levels of security when verifying new player accounts. At any point in time Lucky Hippo Casino may audit a player's account to check for any fraudulent activity. We will verify a player's photo ID, credit card statements, and a release authorization for every card. We will notify you if we have any questions about verification on your player account.

Fair Online Gaming

Often, first time online gambling players question fairness in a casino. A player should always fully research the reputation of a casino before depositing any money. All respectable online casinos use certified Random Number Generators (RNGs) to determine the outcome of a game. Random Number Generators make sure the outcome of any game is completely random. The technology behind RNGs makes certain that all wins and losses are fair and just. Lucky Hippo Casino is fully licensed and operates with the utmost fairness and respect to its players and games.




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