Follow these very easy steps to complete your BITCOIN - BTC deposit in your casino account...


1. Go to the Cashier / Deposit section in your Casino account:

• Select the second option down BITCOIN – BTC

• Enter the amount you will transfer from your bitcoins wallet

• Choose your option for FAST Deposit and click on NEXT



2. Copy the crypto-address from the Cashier and enter it into the e-wallet to allow the transfer: if using the copy/paste option, both the wallet and the casino account must be accessed from the same device (Computer or Mobile).


SCAN the QR Code: this only works if there you are using two different devices: for example, playing on your PC and having your wallet on your mobile or playing on a tablet and keeping the wallet on a smart phone or vice versa.




3. Back in your wallet: select your BITCOINS and click SEND

• Entering the same amount of the deposit that you initiated in your casino account.



Paste your crypto address or Scan the QR code (if using two different devices).

Confirm the amount (the same as you initiated your deposit with).

• Click on Continue.




4. Complete the confirmation steps to finalize the deposit:

• Usually at this stage you will be informed by your wallet, about the processing network fees





5. Click on Send:

• Confirm it by entering your Bitcoins Wallet Password and done.

• You will see the summary of your payment.


If the FAST deposit option was selected, this will take up to 3 minutes to reflect in your account and Ready to Start Playing!

• Fast deposits mean 1 single confirmation at a time to credit the funds. Validation of any potential win is subject to the final confirmation of the BTC transfer. Failure of final confirmation voids all winnings.

• Slower deposits take 6 confirmations for a final credit.

• Fees on both depend on the network volume and not on our third party processor.

After you set up your wallet and make your first Bitcoin deposit it will become a very simple option to fund your account:

• You must start by selecting a Bitcoins Wallet. This will be your online cryptocurrency account from which you will send and receive your funds.

• Click on LEARN MORE in BTC option and you will be redirected to start your selection depending on your needs and likes.


Please note that we do not endorse the use of any particular wallet, we are not business related nor we profit from the use of any wallet. However, we recommend to consider 3 key points when choosing yours:


1. Easy to purchase different crypto currencies from your geographic location, best if you can use your credit or debit card to do so.

2. In every transaction - sending funds from your wallet - you will incur fees. Always look for the most convenient based on a speed- price - security relation. As the lower the fees, the more time it might take to send and confirm your transaction.

3. Easy to convert your winnings that you will receive in your wallet to your most convenient currency, such as US .

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